Treat Your Body to Wellness This Spring

The winter has just ended, and spring is just getting started. It feels so good to see the sun again, doesn’t it? The temperatures are now more forgiving, and everything around seems to spring back to life. Let’s also welcome the arrival of a new season by jump-starting our health again. We probably had all the excuses on account of the weather, but now winter is over! It’s time to get out of our homes and go out and work our bodies back to wellness.

Hit the Road

We’d have said treadmill, but that can also work perfectly during winter. It is time to put on your jogging suit, dust off those jogging shoes and get out of the house. It is finally jogging time! Jogging is one of the best ways to restore wellness of both the body and the mind. It helps you keep fit and enjoy the nature that you so missed for the long winter months. Go out, feel the air and enjoy what the earth provides.

Hikes, Picnics and Fishing

After spending the better part of three months indoors, it is an opportune moment to explore what changed. It is a new opportunity for you to explore the environment around you again. The idea is to reduce indoor time as much as possible. As you go on hikes, fishing and picnics, your body stretches during your adventure. This slowly restores your energy, physical fitness, and general wellness. Remember, before the development of all the technology; it was just us and nature— so find time to reconnect with the earth. Living life has been shown to reduce stress levels and promote mental wellness.

Eat Healthy

In the spirit of springing back to wellness, you’ll want to restore your body by eating healthy. Our bodies yearn for the foods they were designed to absorb and thrive on. We were not designed to process junk food. It’s like taking diesel fuel and pouring it into a petrol engine. Eating wild superfoods helps keep the body running great.
As you go about jogging, hiking and even fishing, consider feeding yourself Essentials packets from New Earth. This will give you all the micronutrients your body has been missing all along—restoring you back to wellness.



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