An ounce of prevention

Nobody likes to get sick. And when it comes to strengthening our immune systems—combatting all the ilk that can make us feel less than our best—we’ll take all the help we can get. Here’s an age-old idea: adding more preventative solutions to our lifestyle, things like beta glucans, for instance. New Earth’s Defend supplies your body with the beta glucans it needs to fight the free radicals that hurt your immune system. In the end, it doesn’t just defend, it serves to modulate and enhance your life as well.

Fast facts:

  • Beta glucans attach to and strengthen the body’s key immune cells.
  • Beta glucans also assist in protecting against stress and its side effects.
  • Defend helps you maintain your energy, vitality and mental clarity.

Beginning better

The start of a new year inevitably means new resolutions. In so doing, we seek after and hope to become better versions of ourselves. Sometimes this includes spending more time at the gym and living a more active lifestyle. To that end, New Earth’s entire line of Edge products (Drive, Focus, Flex and Rebound) can help you meet and exceed all you set out to achieve. In fact, the proprietary blend of whole wild superfoods included in Edge actually nourishes and protects your body at the same time.

Fast facts:

  • Many athletes use bee pollen as a source of natural energy, a main ingredient in both Drive and Focus
  • About 40% of us make resolutions. 77% continue their resolution for a week, 55% continue for a month and 40% see them through for six months or more.
  • Most ingredients found in Edge have been used for decades—even centuries—for medicinal purposes.