One earth, one body

The going trend for a lot of food products of late: getting back to basics. This can mean any number of things, from providing merchandise that is 100% organic to being one that simply doesn’t have preservatives in it. Luckily, New Earth makes no bones about what it is or isn’t. With its Body product, you’re assured that you’re receiving not just a natural product comprised of Wild Microalgae, but also one that has a long list of nutrients to go with it. This superfood has proteins, polysaccharides, phytonutrients, minerals and fatty acids, all which occur naturally, just as Mother Nature intended it to. This means when you benefit from it, whether your immune system is strengthened or your stress level goes down, you know that those too, are the ready results of treating yourself better.

Fast facts:

  • Body provides 20 natural amino acids that serve to enhance brain activity.*
  • Body helps enhance physical performance, both in the gym and beyond.*
  • Body is the ideal natural complex for optimal physical health.*

Isn’t it time you decided to be better to yourself?

Chew on this

Digestive health doesn’t just mean switching out your white bread for wheat. Sometimes extra care is needed in the way of adding a variety of enzymes to our regular diets, especially if it means an ample amount of assistance in breaking down fat, protein, fiber and starch. New Earth’s Enzymes + product allows you the unique ability to treat your body a little better than you’ve probably been doing. Its 12 plant-based enzymes and spices—including fennel, ginger and cayenne—serve to combat the cooked and processed foods that sometimes find their ways onto our plates; it helps release the micronutrients that might never be fully absorbed otherwise. Consider Enzymes + a way to keep your body (and its most important organs) moving in the exact direction it should be.

Fast facts:

  • Enzymes break down carbohydrates, allowing normal nutrient absorption.
  • Enzymes are proteins acting as catalysts for the body’s metabolic system.
  • Some research indicates enzymes help in necessary brain functions.

Ready for things to run smoother than ever?

Berry good for you

It’s fairly common knowledge that blueberries are incredibly good for you. They’re low in fat (and calories, at under 100 calories a cup), taste sweet but are practically sugar-free, and they’re high in fiber. What’s more, they contain antioxidants and may possibly reduce the risk of heart disease. If superfruits existed, blueberries would be some of the very best available. For these many reasons and more, blueberry powder is a key part of New Earth’s Project: Mazama liquid shot. With the soon-to-be-released shot, you can be certain you’re getting undiluted nutrition directly from the best resource available: the earth.

Fast facts:

  • Studies suggest eating at least one serving of blueberries a week helps slow cognitive decline by several years.
  • Blueberries contribute vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese, making them a good choice to help meet the body’s overall nutrient needs.
  • Complex carbohydrates in blueberries provide the added energy you need to help make it through regular exercise routines.*

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