Give thanks

Luxury Table setting.

In a few short weeks many of us will gather with our families and friends to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. It is possible to enjoy the comforts of this annual meal without sacrificing the commitment to eating better. Below, we’ve listed some healthy ideas for this years meal:

No matter what you eat, remember to start with enzymes first!

Your gratitude is showing


There’s one simple step you can take to make a positive impact on our overall happiness and well-being. Studies show that it improves our physical health, enhances empathy, reduces aggression, helps you sleep better, improves self-esteem, and increases mental strength.

Ready to make the change that gets you all that, and more? Start a gratitude journal and keep track of what you’re grateful for each day.

That’s it! By focusing on what you’re grateful for you’ll improve your outlook and make shifts that lead to a happier, healthier you!

The secret to better work

And, speaking of gratitude: The Happy Secret to Better Work:






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