The most ubiquitous enzyme of all

How’d you like to help your heart do its job? Ubiquinol is the active converted form of CoQ10, an enzyme found in every cell of the body. Required for 95 percent of our cellular energy nutrition, ubiquinol is essential. But as our bodies age, it doesn’t always convert correctly. Ubiquinol is vital when it comes to cardiovascular health.* Did you know New Earth’s Energize contains a blend of pure ubiquinol, mushrooms and organic microalgae, helping promote heart health?* Something this rich in minerals is not exactly easy to come by. In order to get 100mg of CoQ10, you’d have to eat 33 pounds of sardines. Or you could also save time and money by adding Energize to your daily regimen.

Fast facts:

  • CoQ10 is found in all living cells. It’s ubiquitous, hence the name ubiquinol.
  • Ubiquinol supplementation is a safe way to increase peak power performance, both in athletes and otherwise*.
  • In addition to energy production, ubiquinol is also an antioxidant, supporting your body’s defense.*

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Reishi is all the rave

There are a lot of reasons the reishi mushroom gets so much love. For one, you can take it every single day without side effects. Second, it serves to keep your immune system functioning correctly.* Also—and this is a big one—taken on a regular basis, reishi serves to support the body in its natural state. On top of everything else, reishi is also a whole food meaning it’s been refined or processed as little as possible (no additives, artificial substances). Steady consumption of reishi or reishi supplements helps account for sustained blood circulation. Reishi is one of five mushrooms featured in New Earth’s Forest, a proprietary blend specially designed to enhance your immune system and increase sustained energy.* So…are you ready to take on the reishi challenge?

Fast facts:

  • Reishi is widely distributed and revered all over the world.
  • Known in Japan and China as the “mushroom of immortality” or “divine mushroom,” reishi (or Ling zhi) has been used for millennia.
  • Traditionally considered protective to the heart and lungs, reishi positively impacts increased cardiovascular health.*

Ready for reishi?