Most essential oil

American Heart Month is upon us. While many focus on heart disease and the causes of such throughout February, it’s important to focus on what can support our heart as well. Olive polyphenols (and HIDROX®, specifically) can prove integral when it comes to giving assistance to this very necessary organ of ours. These polyphenols help the body fight oxidative stress. Did you know New Earth’s Energize counts olive polyphenols as one of its most essential ingredients? When added to your regular diet and lifestyle, the supplement maintains a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. With that in mind, Energize is the best kind of gift you can give yourself.

Fast facts:

  • Earlier harvest olives contain more polyphenols than late harvest olives.
  • Polyphenols are one type of antioxidant found in extra virgin olive oil.
  • HIDROX® is the only olive natural polyphenol formulation produced with an environmentally compatible process from the juice of freshly pressed olives.

Support your heart.

Pollen is the bee’s knees

Bee pollen is commonly considered one of nature’s most perfect foods. That’s no small statement. There’s a very good reason athletes choose this superfood as one of their go-to sources for quick energy. Bee pollen contains a wealth of natural nutrition, including a vast array of vitamins, proteins, amino acids and lipids. Did you know New Earth’s Drive lists bee pollen as one of its most integral ingredients? When taken regularly, Drive helps provide sustained energy, especially when used before workouts. Paired with essential nutrients like wild microalgae, wheatgrass juice and green tea, bee pollen (and Drive) help point you in your best possible nutritional direction.

Fast facts:

  • Bee pollen is richer in proteins than any animal source.
  • Bee pollen contains nearly all nutrients required in our daily diet.
  • The Greeks called bee pollen “life-giving dust” eaten to acquire eternal youth.

Discover vibrant energy.