Small but mighty

Often experienced but rarely discussed: digestive health. If all is as it should be, not much needs to be said. If something’s gone awry, however? It’s a problem far too painful to ignore. The more emphasis one can put on keeping his or her digestive system in good working order, the better off they’ll be. It’s just one of the many reasons New Earth offers its Acidophilus product: it assists the small intestine in constant absorption of integral nutrients. Taken regularly, it’s akin to offering yourself the most natural immune system support you could possibly imagine.

Fast facts:

  • The probiotic market has grown into a multi-billion industry over the last decade.
  • Acidophilus breaks down proteins, carbohydrates and fats, converting them into vital nutrients your body can absorb.
  • New Earth’s Acidophilus is dairy and gluten free.

Prevent problems before they happen.

Jog your memory

No two algae are created alike. In fact, Wild Microalgae is above and beyond better than most. Its cellular wall is less rigid than others—it contains no cellulose and is 100% digestible even. When that wall is removed, it means the body has easier access to algae’s best parts. You’re able to immediately absorb all the available vitamins, minerals and proteins it has stored inside. New Earth’s Mind product does away with that wall entirely, allowing important amino acids into the bloodstream. Mind is the concentration of all the best parts of Wild Microalgae. Use it regularly and it could very well mean increased brain activity and heightened concentration…something we could all stand to use more of.

Fast facts:

  • The brain makes up 2% of a person’s weight and consumes up to 30% of a person’s total energy.
  • The amino acids in Mind provide the building blocks vital for optimal brain and nervous system function.
  • Wild Microalgae supplies the natural fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) so vital in nerve tissue growth.

Give your mind a true gift.

Coming soon (Project: Mazama)

One of the most sought after parts of our world? Energy. It’s the very reason the energy drink and coffee industries are each increasingly thriving industries. But what if you were able to take things a step further? What if you could offer yourself a reboot without leaning on either? New Earth is set to reveal a liquid shot designed to do just that, drawing on natural ingredients like green tea, blueberry extract and wild microalgae. It also features Cognizin®, designed to help assist in increased brain health and cellular performance. Keep an eye out for it when the shot is finally unveiled in Fall 2015.

Fast facts:

  • Cognizin® provides vital nutrients that allow for healthy brain cells and protect neurons from free radical damage.*
  • Cognizin helps maintain normal levels of acetylcholine, regulating memory and cognitive function.*
  • Cognizin supports the healthy mitochondria activity required for sustained mental effort.*

Reacquaint yourself with nature.