They’re Essential


It’s no secret that we are bombarded with over processed foods in grocery stores and in restaurants. For many, the easiest choice isn’t always the best. That’s where New Earth’s Essentials come in. Each convenient packet in this box includes 1 Body, 1 Mind, 1 Acidophilus, 1 Bifidus, and 1 Enzymes.

Each Essentials box contains products that will supply a broad range of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and vital micronutrients. What’s more, each product supports good digestion and nutrient absorption*. What are you waiting for?

Feel the difference that adding whole, natural, superfoods make when they are added to your diet–check out Essentials today!

Tri-Sport Weekend


We are proud to share that on Saturday, September 10th, President Jerry Anderson participated in the Lake of the Woods Tri-Sport Weekend at Lake of the Woods, Oregon. Not only did he compete, but he placed first in his age group and third overall!

Jerry says, “I decided at the last minute that I was going to participate in the event. I enjoy challenges like this and decided to do the Olympic distance duathlon-which is a 50k bike ride and a 10k run.”

“I’ve never tried one of these together before. It was really challenging, but I like to compete with myself to see if I can do something I haven’t done before. I do push myself, but I don’t really care how I place, I just like to see if I can better my time and meet other goals like that. If I finish it, that’s great; and if I’m still standing, I’ve won.”

“The interesting thing about this (and I’m not just saying this because I’m apart of the company) is that the products really do help me do these kind of things. I was eating the products throughout the whole weekend. I took the Edge Before packets and the Energize to help support me through the race. BioAgile, Flex, Rebound, and the Edge After packets really helped support my recovery time after competing.* We had a great time!”

Interested in trying the Edge products? Check them out here: https://teamnewearth.com/www/Products-Edge

Pumpkin Zucchini Chocolate Chip Bread


Fall is in the air! In just a few short days autumn officially begins and for many that means that comfort foods are on the menu. With that in mind, check out this healthy pumpkin zucchini chocolate chip bread from Ambitious Kitchen-enjoy!









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