Road to reinvention

When it comes to overall body health, monitoring your diet and eating right don’t always quite cut it. We find ourselves yearning for more, whether it’s a handful of multivitamins or some magic “cure-all” pill. While that second one doesn’t exist, New Earth has an excellent alternative. With its natural Essentials Blend and Essentials Blend + products, New Earth manages to provide a wide range of unique benefits, including digestive health, antioxidant and intestinal support, joint support and many more. And most importantly, they do so 100% naturally.

Fast facts:

  • Offers blend of enzymes and probiotics, allowing for digestive support.
  • Wheat sprouts offer superoxide dismutase (with antioxidant properties).
  • Algae and wheat sprouts serve to increase natural immune support.

Discover how these Essentials can work for you.

The careful collectors

As a supplement comprised solely of Organic Microalgae (or AFA), it’s important to learn how the nutritious whole food in New Earth’s Body is collected. In fact, the company has created its own handcrafted harvesters for a singular purpose: to collect this unique source found only at Klamath Lake (Oregon). This allows for a great deal of care and precision when harvesting algae. It also means the AFA remains intact throughout the process, carefully preserving its nutritional content from beginning to end.

Fast facts:

  • The company creates 100% of New Earth’s harvesting equipment.
  • Although many others harvest from Klamath Lake, New Earth are experts when it comes to harvesting Organic Microalgae.
  • Body is certified 100% organic.

New Earth’s Body can do your body good.

Green tea = brain food

Adding green tea to your diet isn’t a good idea—it’s a great one. If you know anything about green tea already, you may know it can help with hydration. It can boost how long you’re able to exercise and helps reduce the risk of heart attack. It might even help prevent neurological disease. The polyphenols in green tea can help maintain the parts of the brain that assist in learning and memory. It’s just one reason green tea extract is a key ingredient in New Earth’s Project: Mazama liquid shot. With the soon-to-be-released shot, you can be certain you’re getting undiluted nutrition directly from the best resource available: the earth.

Fast facts:

  • Green tea is known for increasing fat burning and boosting metabolism.
  • Along with green tea, the shot also includes vitamin D, carnosine and ribose.
  • Project: Mazama is designed to increase and maximize brain health.

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