Perfection Doesn’t Equal Healthy

Perfection. It’s what the media portrays and teaches us what to expect of ourselves, especially when it comes to appearance. A slim, tone body accompanied by supple, youthful skin and a bright white smile to go with it. The pressure is real. And, it drives us to do things like go on crash diets that promise the world, buy and smear our skin with mystery serums, inject foreign substances into our faces, nip and tuck our bodies and more.

Is all of that worth it though? Does it equate to a healthy, happy life? Not typically.

Whether it’s beauty, clear skin, weight loss or better health in general, the answer is inside. Yes, we believe that personalities can be beautiful (and are definitely important) but that is not what we are getting at here. Rather, we are talking about achieving that beautiful healthy glow by focusing inside–way inside–in your gut to be exact.

Healthy gut, healthy skin. There is a real connection, and the secret to all of this is balanced bacteria!

Your gut, it’s your inner layer of defense representing roughly 70% of your immune system– along with trillions of friendly bacteria that make up your gut microbiome. These beneficial bacteria play a crucial role in your gut health and overall health. Your gut is basically running your life, helping with things like mineral and vitamin absorbency, digestion, hormone regulation, immune response, and the body’s ability to get rid of toxins, weight loss and more.

Your skin, it’s the largest organ of your body and your most outer layer of protection. Like your gut, it provides a home to millions of bacteria and when this bacteria is in balance it contributes to this healthy outer glow.

It turns out your skin and gut are in fact connected by something commonly known as the Gut-Skin Axis. While your gut is helping to protect you against illness and keep the toxins down, your skin is working to eliminate the waste that is a result of the battles taking place in your gut. In other words, it’s the bacteria and bacteria by-products that make up this connection.

Your bacteria and bacterial by-products are connected with your endocrine system, metabolism, and immune system. When those systems are not working properly, it can impact your overall health and typically shows itself as a skin issue. This doesn’t mean that your gut is to blame for every blemish and rash you might get, but it’s a good place to start when it comes to that outer glow.

In simple terms, forget the foreign substances and miracle creams. Your beauty and health lie within, all you have to do is feed them accordingly.

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