Your Heart Does A Lot for You, Are You Returning the Favor?

Sit quietly, clear your mind, be still. Do you feel that? It’s your heart. While you do nothing but focus on your breath, your heart beats for you. It keeps your blood pumping and your body working all without thought. Your heart is at the center of your body helping to keep everything running, to keep life in your body. It’s what comes to mind when we think of love, emotions, compassion, and understanding. It’s where you find your will and courage during trying times. And, it’s a source of central wisdom.

Your heart is your core, always working for, caring for and loving you. It’s time to return the favor and care for your heart as much as it cares for you. With Valentine’s day right around the corner, the store shelves are filled with heart candies, chocolate roses, and giant teddys, all reminding us that love is in the air. But, before you go making your grand gestures of love, take some time to put number one first. Take some time to show your heart some love during the month that recognizes its health and importance.

So, where do we start when it comes to heart health? Let’s get the obvious steps out of the way…You don’t smoke, you’re not a heavy drinker, your blood pressure is in check, and your cholesterol is great, what more can you do? Practice these small but mighty daily heart health tips.

Lighten Up
Life is busy. We have full-time jobs, side jobs, children to care for, homes to clean, pets to walk, bills to pay, and more…every single day! That’s a lot of weight on our shoulders and adds unnecessary stress to our lives. And, this stress, it has an impact on blood pressure. Lighten the load with stress-reducing techniques like deep breathing and meditation.

Daily meditation promotes relaxation which in turn helps to lower stress and stress hormones. Carve out a few minutes each day to sit quietly, stay in the moment and focus on your breathing.

During those times when you feel your stress building, turn to deep breathing. Simply take a long inhale through your nose, hold your breath for a few seconds, and slowly exhale through your mouth. Repeat this a few times and let the tension melt away.

Get it Pumping
Have you noticed that exercise makes almost any list when it comes to health? Well, this list is no exception. Exercise supports a healthy body in many ways including reaching or maintaining a healthy weight, helping to reduce stress, energizing the body and mind, and improving cardiovascular health which in turn promotes improved cholesterol levels and healthy blood pressure.

It’s a daily activity that can add up in a big way. Especially if you make it a priority to get in about 30 minutes of heart-pumping movement three or more times a week.

Nourish It
Like exercise, nourishment and diet make a lot of “how to be healthy” lists. Well, just like the rest of our body, our heart requires the right nourishment and nutrients to function at its best. Of course, this starts with the foods you consume. But, there’s another, more specific way to nourish your body and heart and that’s with whole food supplements.

When it comes to nourishing your heart, CoQ10 is a great place to turn. More specifically, Ubiquinol, the bioactive form of CoQ10. Ubiquinol is a naturally occurring fat-soluble substance that resembles a vitamin. It is found in tissues that require the most energy such as the heart, liver, and kidney. Unfortunately, the natural production of this important antioxidant slowly declines around the age of 30, meaning it becomes important to supplement it.

This powerful antioxidant promotes a healthy heart and a strong cardiovascular system and can be found in New Earth’s Energize.

Live the #NewEarthLife
Loving yourself first by providing your heart and your entire body the nourishment and care it deserves is what we call living the #NewEarthLife. You are worth it, this life is worth it so go ahead, nourish and love your body and experience what it does for you in return.