Junk Food and Your Gut

It’s no secret that eating unhealthy food can be rough on your waistline. But, the scarier part is the impact that junk food has on your gut health. It wreaks havoc on the delicate balance of helpful bacteria that play a vital role in digestion and overall health. Here are three tips to help you maintain a healthy microbiome.

Limit Your Exposure
First, minimize junk food intake. It sounds easy to say but with holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions, eliminating junk food altogether is difficult at best. While your body has natural defense and detox mechanisms that can handle the occasional cheat day, there are numerous studies that show how prolonged exposure to foods such as fast food meals and fatty snacks can negatively alter the makeup of your gut bacteria. You run the risk of losing as many as 1400 species of helpful organisms while also reducing the number of those types that are critical for overall health.

Healthy Food to the Rescue
To aid your body’s existing natural defenses, you need to fuel it with healthy alternatives. Now that you are focused on limiting your exposure to fast foods, you can shift that focus to foods that naturally support your body. The good news is there are plenty of delicious options to choose from. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes are a part of the healthy solution along with grass-fed beef and wild caught seafood.

Call on the Pros
Probiotics that is. These supplements provide your body with billions of bacteria in each dose. This will help replenish your supply of these vital organisms that improve digestion and overall health. An excellent supplement choice is our Spectrabiotic. Each capsule helps to balance your body’s internal ecosystem with twelve kinds of good bacteria to maintain your healthy microbiome.