Gardening for the Earth, Body, and Mind

If you have ever embarked on a DIY project, you know just how satisfying it can be to get your hands dirty and enjoy the fruits of your own labor.  This is exactly what home gardening has to offer and then some…

It could be a full-on garden with fruit trees and rows upon rows of produce or something as simple as an herb box on your kitchen windowsill. Whatever path you choose to take, there is no denying the satisfaction of enjoying the fruits of your labor; quite literally.

With Spring upon us, there is no better time to take on this exciting and fulfilling hobby. Not convinced yet? Here are 4 perks of growing your own food. 

You Get to Eat Fresh, Nutrient-Rich Food

Growing your own food and actually eating it is a fantastic way to introduce fruits, vegetables, herbs, and nuts into your diet. The best part is that the food is quite literally farm-to-table levels of fresh. In the long run, eating fresh and organic fruits and veggies will do wonders for your health.

The best part is that you get to control what products to use during farming. This means that you can entirely bypass harmful agrochemicals and instead use more organic and safer methods of pest and weed control.

It’s Very Satisfying

This is one of those perks you won’t really appreciate until you actually feel it for yourself. The very first glass of lemonade you make from lemons in your garden or the first pesto you whip up using herbs from your herb box will taste like absolute success and joy.

There are few feelings that can compare to this level of satisfaction.

Great Way to Save Money

At first, growing your own food can feel like drilling a hole in your pocket. You have to buy soil, fertilizer, seeds, and much more. However, with time and effort, a home garden could actually save you some money that you would have otherwise spent on groceries.

The best part is that some of the items you buy only need to be bought once. This includes seeds as you can simply use seeds from the fully grown plants you successfully cultivate to grow more of the same plant. 

It’s Sustainable

It’s sustainable for you and this planet. Think about the waste you limit when you grow your own foods. It doesn’t have to travel to get to you so there is no transportation cost, it’s not wrapped in plastic so you’re limiting waste, and it’s self-renewing if you choose to harvest the seeds for future years of growing. 

Take Care of Your Most Important Garden, Your Body

Just as home garden crops need tender loving care and good nutrients to thrive, your body needs to be taken good care of. Growing your own food and introducing more fruit and vegetables to your diet is definitely a great place to start.

But the typical diet still has some gaps. And, that’s where supplements come into play. Just as fertilizer nourishes your plants ensuring they receive the nutrition they need to grow strong and healthy, the right supplements nourish your body in the same way. 

So go ahead, get your garden on and nourish this Earth, your body, and your mind.