The Secret’s Getting Out


We recently unveiled the revamped New Earth Blog. To celebrate this recent update we’d like to share one of our favorite posts with you…

Pssst. Wanna know a secret? This one’s burning a hole in our pocket, we just have to tell someone. And this isn’t some one-or-two-day-old secret. Not a few months old, or a year or two. This one’s been around since the beginning of life on Earth. Now that’s a secret that’s truly itching to get out! …

Here’s a hint: it’s about blue-green algae. More specifically—since there are tens of thousands of species—Wild Bluegreen Algae. You know a lot about algae…the oceans are full of it, clean biofuel is sourced from it, sushi is wrapped in it, and small to large bodies of water love to host it. All true, these common understandings signify something deeper, more mysterious, and more profound.

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Southwestern Crustless Quiche

We’re excited to try this crustless quiche. It’s packed with good for you ingredients and is vegetarian. Plus it’s easy and delicious, what more could you ask for in a meal?

Habit Forming

Ready to make a few shifts in your day to day well being? If your answer is yes then check out these 43 simple habits that will improve your life.



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