Let’s Celebrate This Earth Every Day
Have you ever stopped to ponder how your daily actions impact the world around you? We’ve all heard the call for a more sustainable world in one way or another. There are documentaries dedicated to the subject, grand projects that have been proposed, non-profits cleaning up and reusing materials, and the list goes on. When it comes down to it, each and every one of us has the opportunity to have a positive impact with the actions we make each and every day.

Part of that equation is voting with our purchases. You’ve likely heard the phrase “knowledge is power”, and that statement holds true here. When you have knowledge and awareness you have the opportunity to vote with your purchases. You have the power to make educated decisions on which companies you choose to support and therefore demand others that are not operating to your environmental standards to change.
You can feel good about doing business with New Earth.
The very core of our business relies on our Earth’s ability to produce the most nutrient-rich algae on this plant, completely free from human intervention. And, we do everything in our power to preserve the pristine ecosystem in which this algae exists.

From harvesting to shipping we take specific measures to be conscious of the environment. This includes everything from testing water quality, harvesting with clean technology to monitoring the Klamath Lake watershed.

We take measures to track environmental quality through a variety of tests. Each test occurs with the utmost care and precision ensuring the environment and algae go undisturbed. All of our lab processes are done keeping in mind reducing environmental impacts. From the lab reagents we use to the recycling, we are mindful of the impact we make and do our best to be as green as possible.

Our environmental efforts carry through as we select our ingredients and materials as well. That includes purchasing vegetarian plant-based capsules that have a lower carbon footprint than gelatin capsules.

To take it a step further, we hold a variety of certifications including Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), USDA Organic, Kosher, Halal, and NON-GMO. While all of these certifications play into the safety of our products, they also impact our earth. Our algae is 100% wildcrafted, meaning it comes straight from nature in its natural form. There is zero human intervention when it comes to its growth. And, it just so happens that this wonderful species helps oxygenate our world as well.
Finally, when it comes time to ship the products to your door, our environmental focus remains. We use packaging peanuts that are made from potato starch that you can compost and we minimize the size of shipping boxes so there’s less cardboard used and they’re lighter weight so less fuel is used for transportation. It sounds small, but over the course of a year, it all adds up.

It really is important to make special products that are high quality and sustainable for our Earth. Because as you know, it’s not just about eating well, but doing good, and helping our planet is a very large part of that, because the saying goes for both your body and the planet: If you don’t treat it right, where else will you live?

Happy Earth Day (today and every day)!

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