Feed Your Brain to Fuel Your Mental Energy

When it comes to nutrition, most of us tend to focus on its health benefits for our muscles and our waistline. Balanced nutrition should also help with our mental energy. Our brains need the right combination of nutrients to help maintain clarity and focus. Here are a few ways that you can feed your brain to fuel your mental energy.

Fueling Brain Health
Poor diet can affect your brain as negatively as it does your waistline. Symptoms such as ‘brain fog’ and mental fatigue are common side effects of modern diets. Too often we turn to stimulants such as caffeine and sugar to wake up our brains. We misinterpret the brief surge of energy that results from these stimulants as fuel for mental energy. To stay healthy and function properly, our brains need the right nutrients. There are several food choices that can help.

A good place to start is by adding some natural color to your diet. By eating colorful fruits and vegetables, your brain can benefit from the phytonutrients contained in these foods. They also provide beneficial antioxidants. The result is a natural mental energy boost.

Adding some healthy fats to your diet will also stimulate brain function. Many mainstream diets target fat as something to avoid in your diet. The reality is that your body needs healthy fats in order to function properly. This includes healthy brain function since your brain is primarily composed of the Omega-3 fat DHA. This healthy fat can be found in fish and algae, so be sure to add these to your balanced diet. Other healthy fat options include coconut oil and MCT.

Free Your MIND
We live in a fast-paced and hectic society that traps our mind in an endless loop of stress and fatigue. Our brains need an ally that can boost mental energy and provide focused clarity. This is exactly why New Earth created MIND, a dietary supplement. This 100% organic and gluten-free microalgae delivers the essential amino acids and healthy fats that fuel your brain and boost mental energy.

The key to this mind-blowing supplement is our organic Wild Microalgae®. This potent source of nutrition is harvested right from the source in the southern Oregon. As the sole ingredient in MIND, Wild Microalgae provides the vital nutrients that are necessary for maintaining healthy brain function and optimizing this vital organ in the body.

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