Healthy Eating during COVID-19

So you’ve spent the last several weeks on lockdown, we all have. And, for good reason, to help keep each other stay well and healthy as we ride out COVID-19. There’s a bit more to the story though. Your entire routine has been interrupted in one way or another, and most likely, on an extreme scale. You are likely working from home, schooling the kids, keeping up with the house, and so on. Or, maybe you are bored out of your mind because you can’t work from home and now have no idea what to do with yourself. Regardless, your schedule and routine have been interrupted. Whether you are bored or ridiculously busy, chances are, your eating habits have been interrupted and influenced by your current state. 


When it comes to healthy eating, planning meals can be a challenge on its own. Add in the quarantine and virus and you have new hurdles to overcome. The whole family is home and they all have different food preferences and grocery stores are having a hard time keeping their shelves stocked, meaning you may not be able to get some of your ‘go-to’ ingredients. 


Not to mention the fact that you have access to your favorite snacks all day long. A little extra stress or downright boredom can send you straight to the cupboard multiple times a day. And let’s be honest, who heads to the kitchen to mindlessly munch on whole foods like cucumbers and carrots? Not many people. Rather, it’s more likely to be chips, cookies, and more. 

Sure, we joke about our quarantine diet. But, who wants to come out of this feeling crummy and carrying some extra weight? No one. That leads us to the big question, how do we keep our diet in check during COVID-19? 

Glad you asked, here are a few tips to maintain a healthy diet during the quarantine. 

  • Set the scene. We know where we are spending almost all of our time, our homes. With that, we are going to eat the foods we choose to stock our pantry and refrigerator with. So, it makes sense to limit the processed foods and load up on whole foods. Set the scene by stocking up on plenty of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, lean protein, and whole grains. 
  • Satisfy your cravings with whole foods. Just because you are stocking up on whole foods that serve and nourish your body doesn’t mean you can’t satisfy that sweet tooth, salt craving, or even both at the same time. You know yourself and your cravings so prepare for them. If you are one who needs some salty foods in your life, have popcorn kernels on hand that you can pop and top with a little lime juice, salt, and garlic, or maybe a little bit of grass-fed butter and sea salt. If it’s a sweet tooth you have, whip up a fruit salad with a honey and yogurt topping or have some dried fruit (no added sugar) on hand. And, those of you who need the sweet and salty at the same time, trail mix with salted nuts, dark chocolate, and dried fruit should do the trick. 
  • Make a meal plan. This will be particularly helpful for those of you who are trying to do it all (work, school, kids, and so on). Plan out meals for the week ahead so everyone knows what to expect and what is on the menu. It will help with your grocery shopping, your meal prep, and more. 
  • Get social. Thankfully we have technology at our fingertips all day long. Utilize it to stay connected with friends, look up new healthy recipes, etc. Speaking of getting social, we have a fantastic group of people who are focusing on their health and supporting one another through the challenges we are facing today. It’s called the 30 Day Gut Reboot and it’s designed to help you improve your health and wellness starting at your core, in your gut. We’d love to have you join us and you can do so by visiting our 30 Day Gut Reboot Group on Facebook

Staying home and quarantined during COVID-19 is challenging for everyone, regardless of if you are extremely overwhelmed or bored out of your mind. It’s easy to abandon healthy eating habits during times like these. With a little attention and planning, you can come out of this quarantine even healthier than you started.