Spring Cleaning for a Healthy Life

Spring has sprung! Along with nice weather and blooming flowers, this beautiful time of year often brings something else with it—the urge to clean. Whether you have already started your spring cleaning or are still working on your to-do list, it is important to consider taking on tasks that will help create a home that promotes a healthy lifestyle. 

There are many tasks you can do to accomplish this. And since spring cleaning is already such a big project, we want to simplify things for you. So here are four tasks you can do this year to help create a healthier home. 

1. Get Some Fresh Air 

We all know that fresh air is good for us. It can often help us clear our lungs, increase our energy, and reduce our stress. While it isn’t always feasible to get outside while we are trying to finish our spring cleaning checklists, getting fresh air while indoors isn’t impossible. So open all your windows and air out your home. This will help keep the air from getting stagnant while also giving you a good dose of fresh air without reducing your productivity. 

2. Rearrange and Refresh 

Who doesn’t like to have a comfortable space to sit down and relax after a long day’s work? This year, make giving yourself that space a priority and add it to your spring cleaning list. Give your favorite area in your home a refresh by rearranging or updating the space. Consider moving furniture so you can look out a window, adding a few plants to help purify the air, or setting out some naturally scented candles or essential oils to keep the space smelling fresh. Before you know it, you will have a comfortable and refreshing place to spend your time.

3. Clean Out Your Kitchen 

A healthy home often starts in the kitchen. So set yourself up to gather with your family and prepare healthy meals by giving your kitchen some TLC this spring. On top of the normal deep cleaning you would do, make sure to give your pantry some attention. Pull out all your food and get rid of anything that is expired, inedible, or otherwise unhealthy. If your pantry looks a little bare after this, head to the store to restock your shelves with healthy items to keep you on track. Some of our favorites include whole grains like quinoa and brown rice, all-natural spices and herbs, healthy cooking oils such as coconut or olive oil, and nuts or dried fruit to snack on.

4. Don’t Forget Your Supplements 

Consider tossing any supplements that contain synthetic ingredients or fillers and replacing them with all-natural, food-based supplements like the organic Wild Microalgae you know and love. With essential fatty acids, amino acids, over 60 vitamins and minerals, and more, organic Wild Microalgae is the perfect supplement to have on hand.

Ready, Set, Clean

No matter how long your spring cleaning list is this year, adding a few simple tasks can make all the difference when it comes to living healthier. You will certainly notice a difference in the way you feel if you do. So what are you waiting for? Grab your scrub brush, open the windows, and start checking items off your spring cleaning list.