Keep It Fresh This Spring

The sun is shining, spring showers are falling, birds are singing and plants are blooming. Spring is here and in full effect! It’s breathing life back into this world. It’s one of the most refreshing seasons, especially after a cold dark winter.

While the last few months kept us inside craving comfort foods, spring is here pushing us outdoors and generating the urge to enjoy more fresh, living foods! Mother Nature has a way of helping to drive our behaviors as the seasons change and it’s a great time to embrace her control over your diet.

With everything around us springing back to life, it’s a time to bounce back the good eating habits that rejuvenate your body through detoxification and energy supply. It is time to give your liver a break. We all know how hard it has been overworking during winter—especially during the festive season.

So, what can you do?

Listen to what your body naturally wants and focus on sourcing it locally. Chances are what you are craving is in tune with what Mother Nature is providing this time of year. Visit your local farmer or farmers market to gather nutrient rich, fresh vegetables and start chopping. Spring is the perfect season for salads and the recipe possibilities are endless. Loading up on fresh leafy greens and veggies helps your body with its natural cleansing process.

Speaking of cleansing, spring is a great time to aid your bodies natural process with some gut loving supplements. Look no further than Essentials. This synergistic combination helps to keep your gut microbiota, the microorganisms in the GI tract, in a state of homeostasis which helps keep you happy and healthy. The Gut-Brain Axis, the connection between your brain and gut, drives the body as a whole. Turns out, if your gut is happy, you’re happy!

Last, be sure to wash all these health giving foods and supplements down with plenty of water. Remember, you body is working on cleansing itself from a long winter and requires plenty of water to do just that.

Embrace the new season by eating with the season!