Spring into Shape with Seasonal Fitness

Run. Do Pilates. HIIT workout. Repeat…Sound familiar? It’s easy to get into the same routine week after week. After all, we are creatures of habit. While consistency is key when it comes to our workout habits it may not be so helpful when it comes to our actual workouts. In other words, doing the same workouts in the same order over and over again may not serve you best. Instead, it helps to cause boredom and burnout. On the other hand, it is both time consuming and challenging to continually come up with new exercises and routines. Luckily, you have a personal trainer at your disposal at all times to help you mix up your routine. We call her Mother Nature.

Mother Nature, she sure is a great trainer. She is constantly changing, providing you with exciting ways to workout, bringing you heat and long days when you need them and cooling things down with shorter days when you need a rest. Her seasons allow you to rethink your workouts and incorporate the great outdoors in your routine.

With the temperatures climbing, days lengthening and birds singing Spring is the perfect season to push yourself. Spring surrounds us with new growth priming us for action. It’s a season of power and determination that provides us with the inspiration we need to push limiting beliefs aside and tackle our goals.

So, how can you harness the power of Spring? Push and challenge yourself outdoors. If you are a yogi, lay your mat outside and work on mastering new positions. If you are a runner, find a hilly trail and get to exploring. If you are a cyclist, work to increase your mileage and enjoy the scenery. Or better yet, try something new. Go rock climbing, go hiking, go kayaking…the possibilities are endless.

Whatever you choose, allow the power of the season to drive and inspire you, enjoy the great outdoors and live the #NewEarthLife!