Yup, We Said FREE!

Have you heard about our AutoShip Rewards Program (ARP)? ARP allows qualifying account holders to earn free product credits every month that they order through AutoShip, and who doesn’t love free products?

Earning credits is easy, every month that you’re qualified AutoShip order processes, you earn free product credits. You can then use these credits instead of cash to buy products and the more months that you participate the more credits you can use!

To qualify, Preferred Customers must have a monthly AutoShip with at least $50 BV and Associates must have a monthly AutoShip of $100 BV. Points can only be earned on qualifying AutoShips. If you choose to cancel your monthly AutoShip order you will lose all points that you have earned and the percentage that you earn on your Autoship.

Check out the ARP details here.

Top 10

Looking for ways to move more? We’ve found 10 great suggestions (we love #2!) courtesy of Blue Zones Project Klamath Falls. Check them out here.

A Minimalist Meal

By now you probably know that we love a good, nutritious, easy recipe. That being said, we can’t wait to try this Baked Falafel Burger recipe by the Minimalist Baker. It’s vegan and gluten free, what more could you ask for?



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