Nature Is Calling and for Good Reason

With summer right around the corner nature is calling to you, and for good reason. Today many of us are stuck indoors under fluorescent lights staring at computer screens all day long. Sure there is a lunch break and maybe a small break here and there but when it comes down to it, a majority of the day is spent inside.

The truth is, we were meant to be outside soaking up the sun, connecting with nature and experiencing the many health benefits associated with it. In fact, research continues to provide us with reason after reason to get outside and enjoy nature.

Nature helps to reduce stress.
We live in a fast paced high content world, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and stressed. Getting outside, tending to the garden, going for a hike, admiring the trees, or walking around your neighborhood all help to reduce stress. Nature has a sense of quiet and calmness paired with soothing scents from the variety and trees and flowers. Next time you go outside pay special attention to your surroundings and notice how you feel before and after.

Time outdoors boosts Vitamin D.
Bring on the sunshine! Your body requires Vitamin D to absorb calcium, and we all know how important calcium is for our bone health. As a child, you require vitamin D to develop strong bones, and as an adult, you require it to maintain healthy bones. It just so happens that those golden rays are an excellent source of the much needed Vitamin D.

Elevates happiness.
Most want to live a healthy happy life and being outside helps to accomplish that goal. Natural light tends to be a mood elevator and the best source of natural light is (naturally) the great outdoors.

Makes exercise easier.
The great outdoors offers a variety of excuses to have fun while moving. Whether you are out kayaking, hiking, biking, walking, strolling, skipping, or skating you are moving. Remember, moving is exercise and is key to a healthy mind and body!

Find whatever excuse you can to get outdoors and soak up the many health benefits, we call this living the #NewEarthLife. Share your outdoor journey with us on social media and be sure to use #NewEarthLife!