Healthy Skin Through the Summer

Know Your Sun
Exposure to the sun has a long list of health benefits including steady doses of much needed Vitamin D. But, too much exposure to the sun can have harmful side effects such as premature aging and cancer.

The sun has two different types of radiation. These are UVA and UVB. The UV stands for ultraviolet and the letters A (long) and B (short) refer to the wavelength of the ultraviolet light.
Since this might sound confusing, an easier way to remember the difference is that A waves affect the aging of your skin and B waves will cause painful sunburn.

Protection from the Sun
Another important term is SPF. This stands for Sun Protection Factor. This factor is used in sunscreens to help determine how long they can protect you. The SPF number does not equal a number of hours that you are protected. It’s used in a calculation that can be different for everyone.

To make it simple, let’s assume the average person starts to get red from the sun after 10 minutes. You then multiply the SPF number times 10 minutes to get get the estimated time of protection. For example SPF 30 will give you 300 minutes, or 5 hours of protection. Keep in mind, SPF 50 works well for most.

When selecting your sunscreen be sure to grab one that is composed of natural ingredients and free of oxybenzone and octinoxate. Oxybenzone has been wreaking havoc on our coral reefs and our bodies.

Not a fan of sunscreen? No problem. Cover up with clothes to protect your body from the UV rays. Make sure you choose tightly woven and bright fabrics, as they protect you most when in the sun.

Replenish Your Skin
The best way to replenish and nourish your skin this summer is with NutraBeautiful Lotion. Its antioxidant formula can reduce lines and wrinkles while helping your skin retain moisture, elasticity, and vitality.