10 Indications You’ve Reached Superfoodie Status

“Your meals are always so healthy, I wish I could eat like you do.” If you’ve heard this line a time or two, chances are, you might be a superfoodie. Fear not, that’s a title worth earning. After all, meals loaded with nutrient power are playing a tremendous role in your healthy life. So, how do you really know if you’ve earned the title of superfoodie? 

Here are 10 indications you’ve reached the status of superfoodie: 

  1. Your nut milk bag is put to use every week (and you’ve made just about every kind possible). After all, it’s the best way to avoid that pesky ingredient carrageenan. 
  2. You know that algae is much more than pond scum and wouldn’t go a day without it. As a matter of fact, you consume it daily and praise the amazing micronutrients, essential fatty acids, amino acids, and phytopigments you are getting from it. 
  3. You don’t only drink kombucha regularly, but you brew it. You can’t beat the homebrew, especially compared to the store-bought stuff. And come on, everyone could use the extra probiotics! 
  4. You totally understand that mushrooms are more than magical. No, not just the psychedelic kind. We are talking about those wild ones that are known as “medicinal” and support a healthy immune system and more!
  5. Your Instagram feed is filled with pictures of your amazingly nutritious and delicious meals. After all, who really cares to see selfies anymore? It’s all about the food.
  6. The farmers market is your favorite place to visit in the summer. Seriously, how could it not be? There’s no better way to get produce at its peak when it’s filled with the most nutrients and flavor. Who knows, you might even wear your “I ❤ algae” t-shirt there… (we do). 
  7. You make your own snack foods. Yes, that includes crackers, cereals, breads, and trail mix. You are sure to include powerful seeds and nuts, sprouted grains, superfood berries, and more. 
  8. It’s totally normal to eat a salad or stir fry for breakfast. The most important thing is to start the day with a variety of veggies. 
  9. You have a mason jar for every day of the week. They are the perfect vessel for your morning juices and afternoon smoothies. And, some of them even have straws!
  10. You eat chocolate for its superfood benefits…Well maybe for a treat as well. And, when you talk about chocolate you’re not referring to milk chocolate, no way! We are talking about raw cacao superfood-infused bars here.