The Difference Between Body and Mind

What is the difference between Body and Mind? This is a question we hear a lot, and understandably so. If you just glance at the ingredients list, you may draw the conclusion that Body and Mind are essentially the same supplement. After all, they both only contain a single ingredient: organic Wild Microalgae®. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Even though the ingredients list makes these two supplements look virtually the same, the thing that sets them apart is how each supplement is made. Let us explain. 

As its name suggests, Body was designed to help you achieve your physical goals. To do this, it uses the algae in its whole form, cell wall and all. With the cell wall intact, your muscles, gut, and internal organs are all able to absorb and utilize all the important nutrients found in organic Wild Microalgae. Furthermore, the cell wall of the algae is chock full of nutrients, including phytopigments like chlorophyll and antioxidants like glutathione. These nutrients help ensure that your cells have a well-nourished and less toxic environment to work in, which leads to you feeling stronger and more resilient. 

Mind was created to help nourish your brain and support cognitive functions like concentration and memory. In order to accomplish this, this supplement contains only the heart of the algae. This is accomplished by removing the cell wall, which we do with our proprietary solvent-free (mechanical) process.

Removing the cell wall to obtain the heart of the algae makes certain nutrients more easily accessible to your brain. In order to reach your brain, nutrients have to cross the blood-brain barrier. This is a complex system of membranes, spaces, and blood vessels that regulates what can and cannot cross over from your bloodstream to your brain tissue. 

When the cell wall is intact, certain nutrients found in organic Wild Microalgae, such as many amino acids, are less likely to cross the blood-brain barrier and provide your brain with the nourishment it needs. But when the cell wall is removed, these nutrients are more easily accessible to your brain, which in turn offers more mental-centric benefits.

There you have it! While Body and Mind may look like the same supplement at a glance, you now understand that they are, in fact, two supplements that use the same ingredient to target different health benefits. Isn’t it amazing that this one superfood can be used in so many different ways? 

Whether you are looking to improve your physical health or mental health in 2022, Body and Mind can help you get there. So here’s a friendly reminder to make sure you add them to your next order.