Sticking with Your Resolutions

Making resolutions is easy. Sticking to them is another challenge altogether. In the spirit of the season, we want to help you in sticking with your resolutions so you can have the best 2019 possible. Here are our four favorite tips to keep you on track.

Choose Goals You Really Want
Sounds like common sense but most of us end up making resolutions that will change how others see us rather than those goals that will make us feel better. When we set goals that speak to us at a spiritual level, we will be driven to keep them for our own betterment.

Choose Feelings Over Things
When setting resolutions it is better to write down how you want to feel when you accomplish them rather than what you will have. Use phrases like “feeling abundant with your finances” or “feeling happy about your health”. Feelings are more powerful and longer lasting motivators than material goods.

Identify Small Steps to Take
Many resolutions are too broad-based. Setting goals to learn a new language or eat healthier are too vague. Instead, make resolutions to spend 10 minutes a day learning something new or eat two healthy snacks per day. Small victories really add up over time and are easier to accomplish.

Use the Buddy System
Reaching your goals is easier when you have help along the way. Find friends, colleagues or family members and keep each other accountable in reaching your new year’s goals. We all need motivation from time to time and having a community of like-minded folks will really keep you on track.

This is exactly why we set up the Dare To Be Wild Facebook Group. This community of motivated people is here to help you keep those resolutions. Join us and have the best year ever in 2019.