Your best defense


With the cold weather come stuffy noses, sore throats, and achy heads. For many, welcoming cooler temperatures also means welcoming the common cold. Lucky for you, New Earth knows what the ancients have for centuries: that medicinal mushrooms enhance your immune system.

Allow us to introduce you to a New Earth fall favorite, Defend.

Defend is created from a proprietary blend of six organic mushrooms that support the immune system* (reishi, cordyceps, maitake, shiitake, turkey tail, and Agaricus blaze) and astragalus, beta glucan, and microalgae). These powerful mushrooms work together to help keep your immune system strong and you feeling your best.* Don’t let the cold get to you.

Order your best defense here: https://teamnewearth.com/www/ProductDetail?item=21630

Want FREE product


We’ve created a way for you to earn free product credits-it’s called the AutoShip Rewards Program (ARP)! It’s our way of saying thank you, thank you for being a long standing, loyal, New Earth customer.

Here’s how it works. Every month you order with AutoShip you earn credits that you can use like cash: to buy products. The more months you participate; the more credits you’ll have.

 Enrolling in the program is simple; all you need to do is establish an AutoShip. Preferred Customers need an AutoShip of only $50 BV and Associates need an AutoShip of only $100 BV. Find out more about the program here:  https://office.newearth.com/Resources/Autoship-Rewards-Program.pdf

I’ve got a gut feeling


We’re often told to trust our gut feeling or gut instinct. When making important decisions we ask each other “what does your gut say?” Have you ever wondered why? It all boils down to your brain-gut connection which is actually a really big deal. It turns out that your gut can affect your mood and overall well-being.

Wondering exactly how your gut health impacts your overall well-being? Find out with this useful article (and infographic) from The Huffington Post.








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