Healthy Halloween Hacks

Halloween is tomorrow and everyone is excited. Before you and your children head out into the neighborhood for all the fun and frivolity, here are a few healthy Halloween Hacks to keep your family on track this holiday.

Eat Healthy Before Trick or Treating
Avoid binging on candy by eating a healthy meal before you go trick-or-treating. This will ensure that you and your family are well nourished before the fun begins. Plus, it will keep you from over eating those sugary candies. It will also keep you from snacking if you are at home handing out candy to neighborhood youngsters.

Healthy Fun from Door to Door
Adding exercise to the trick-or-treating adventure is also a great way to keep your family healthy. Walk instead of driving through the neighborhood. Create fun games like racing from door to door or mini-games of hide and seek. This will help to burn off excess calories and keep everyone’s focus away from the candy bag.

Use Smaller Bags
Speaking of bags, many of us remember taking pillow cases or large paper grocery bags when we went trick-or-treating. Rather than loading up on excess candy that will never get eaten, take smaller bags and help your children focus on quality over quantity. Try to take only one piece of candy from each house. You can even make it into a scavenger hunt game where they try to find their favorite candies.

Energize Your Halloween
To make sure you have the energy to keep up with all the Halloween festivities and fun, be sure to take Energize. The easy to take soft gel form contains a blend of energy producing nutrients including CoQ10. This powerful formula provides tremendous cellular level energy while promoting a healthy heart. Make tomorrow the best Halloween ever with Energize.