Gratitude for Health and Happiness

Its that time of year again when we all reflect on those things that we are thankful for. This is a wonderful annual family tradition but practicing gratitude throughout the year can have amazing health benefits too. Here are four reasons why you should intentionally practice gratitude each and every day.

More Joy
If you want to feel more joy then give more thanks. Studies have shown that expressing gratitude triggers the release of our brains’ “feel-good” substances like dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals are shown to improve mood, sleep, and energy. This leads to personal happiness as well as a healthier brain.

More Optimism
Expressing gratitude also helps to wash away negativity from our thoughts. When we consistently practice gratitude, we are focusing our mental energies on optimistic outlooks. This helps to re-train our brains to think positive which leads to brighter futures and healthier outcomes.

More Relationships
We all want to be around happy people. When we practice gratitude towards our friends and family, we strengthen those relationships. This helps you to build a healthy network of support to provide motivation and help when needed.

More for Everybody
Gratitude is contagious. When showing gratitude towards others, we make them feel happier and healthier. They are then inspired to pass on that wonderful feeling to others. Giving thanks can truly be world changing.

It’s Our Turn
In the spirit of this holiday, we at New Earth would like to take this opportunity to practice our own gratitude towards you, our loyal customers. We truly value each and every one of you. It is our pleasure and indeed our privilege to interact with wonderful human beings such as you. So from the bottom of our hearts, we humbly give thanks for the opportunity to serve you for many years to come.