Maximize Your Thanksgiving with These 8 Tips (Spoiler: It Doesn’t Include Avoiding Your Favorite Foods)

Thanksgiving is just two short days away which means for most, turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie are on the brain. A time to gather, a time to give thanks, and a time to feast, today’s Thanksgiving is filled with both healthy and less than healthy habits and traditions. Fear not, no matter what hits your table this Thanksgiving you can implement a few practices to ensure your Thanksgiving day leans more toward healthy than less healthy.

Let’s talk about the ‘why’ real quick. Why should we care about a healthy Thanksgiving? It’s not about your weight, it’s not about the food you choose to consume and it’s not about your diet. Rather, it’s about how you feel. When we feel our best we are our best and we tend to find a little more joy in our days. On a day like Thanksgiving when most of us get to skip out on work, hang with family and enjoy a meal, it’s important to feel our best and maximize that experience.

So how? Let’s dive into a few tips and tricks to maximizing this Thanksgiving holiday.

  1. Sleep in. Most of us wake up early throughout the week to get ready for the day and make it to work on time. Take this opportunity to sleep in and wake up when your body is ready. Adequate sleep allows for vital rest and repair allowing your body to rejuvenate for the day ahead.
  2. Get that body moving. Take advantage of a morning workout to get your blood pumping. This will not only help you burn a few calories, but will help reduce any stress you might be having in regards to the day’s meal prep, boost your energy levels and set the tone for the day.
  3. Enjoy a nourishing morning meal. Rather than “saving your appetite” for dinner, nourish your body with some whole food nutrition. Make sure it includes plenty of veggies and protein to help maintain your energy levels throughout the day. Don’t be afraid to add in a packet of Essentials for some superfood power and digestive support, too.
  4. Count your blessings. As you move through your day and prepare for the evening’s meal make a mental note of all the things you are grateful for. For some of us, the holidays can bring up some negative emotions for a variety of reasons. That’s ok and perfectly normal. If you fall in this category allow yourself to feel those emotions, acknowledge them and then refocus on gratitude while you bring your mental state to a positive place. No matter our situation, we always have something to be grateful for.
  5. Enjoy a few appetizers: When it comes to appetizers, moderation is your friend. Enjoy the snacks that are available but pace yourself. The meal you have been waiting for all day will be served shortly and you certainly want an appetite for it.
  6. Eat what you want. Finally, dinner time! Its a meal you have once a year, enjoy the foods you desire. There is no need to put a limit on what you can or cannot eat. Here is the ticket though, eat slowly, enjoy your food, LISTEN to what your body is telling you, and stop when you have almost reached capacity (you may want to save a little room for some dessert). We all know what happens when we fail to listen to our body’s cues…we get overfilled and end up feeling sick.
  7. Pause. Go ahead and push the pause button on eating for about 20 minutes or so after finishing your plate of food. This allows your body time to digest. And, this break will make it clear if you need a second helping or not. Want to aid in the digestion process? Take a couple of Enzymes and go for a stroll. Remember, the goal here is to rid the post-feast fuzzies or avoid them altogether if you can.
  8. Rest and enjoy your company. Enjoy the company of those around you. Avoid the distractions of shopping, phones, and computers. Rather, enjoy the people that surround you and be fully present in the conversations you are having. Remember, these gatherings only come around a couple of times a year. Enjoy and embrace them.

Happy healthy Thanksgiving to you and your family!