Skin Health Inside Out & Outside In

Probiotics and enzymes, we know they are key components of a healthy digestive system. These friendly helpers nurture the gut microbiome and help process and utilize the foods we consume.

What most don’t realize is that both probiotics and enzymes can work from the inside out and the outside in! Yes, they promote a healthy gut which in turn promotes a healthy body. They also play a large role in that healthy outer glow. We are talking about beautiful supple skin. 

How? Let’s explore the wonders of probiotics and enzymes. 

Health and Beauty Inside Out

Health and beauty start on the inside and work their way out. What you eat has a great impact on the health of your skin and entire body. However, food is just one part of the recipe.  

That’s where the gut-skin axis comes in. The functions of your digestive system have an effect on the overall health of your skin. 

Thanks to enzymes and probiotics, we have an avenue to nurture this connection daily. 

Health and Beauty Outside In

The skin is the largest organ of the body and requires direct loving support. So, how do probiotics and enzymes play into this equation? Balance and exfoliation. 


Enzymes can act as a chemical exfoliator for your skin. They help break down excessive keratin from some scars or even natural oils that may clog up pores and cause breakouts. 

A little goes a long way when added to your face scrub or cleanser to scuff off dead and dry skin. 


Probiotics have been shown to be quite effective when it comes to minimizing breakouts.

They help to restore a balanced skin microbiome, help protect the skin from harmful bacteria, promote healthy collagen, and boost oxygen absorption. 

Like enzymes, a little goes a long way when added to your cleanser or scrub. 

Complet Inside-out and Outside-in Solution

Healthy, glowing skin is an inside-out and outside-in affair. A true 360-degree approach offers the greatest results. 

Thanks to Essentials Blend, we have all bases covered. Essentials Blend delivers beauty inside-out and outside-in thanks to the powerful combination of organic Wild Microalgae®, a proprietary blend of 12 different live beneficial bacteria, 15 plant-based enzymes, and organic wheat sprouts. 

With Essentials Blend, healthy glowing skin is a few simple steps away: cleanse, eliminate, and nourish inside and out.