Life on the EDGE

It’s hardly a secret that adopting an active lifestyle—one that includes a regular, doctor approved exercise regimen—results in our living happier, more productive lives. And part of that includes a balanced diet and putting the right fuel in our engines, whether that means eating all the veggies on our plate or adding the right supplements to our meals. Did you know New Earth’s Edge Packets—which include the four powerhouse supplements Drive, Focus, Flex and Rebound—serve to increase energy, heighten mental clarity, stimulate your own natural healing response and support joints? Used daily, Edge is a healthy necessity, an all-natural solution to even greater things.

Fast facts:

  • Edge increases overall exercise efficiency by giving your body what it requires to improve weight loss and build muscle.
  • Enzymes aid your natural healing response, quickening recovery time after workouts.
  • New Earth’s Focus can help enhance mental cognition, improving thinking, understanding, learning and remembering.

Get active by being proactive about your future.

The healthier whey

If you’re absolutely serious about the time you spend in the gym building muscle protein is not just key, it’s necessary. And not all proteins are created equal. For example, when you make whey protein part of your workouts, you receive the added advantages of reducing hunger and improving your immune system. Did you know New Earth’s Build is not just a top quality whey protein, but that it doesn’t contain any soy or artificial ingredients either? That means it’s more effective. It also means it includes organic microalgae, enzymes, raw organic sprouts and 22 grams of protein in each serving. With Build, you can rest easy knowing you’re putting nothing but the very best ingredients in your body, on your way to building it up.

Fast facts:

  • Pairing whey protein with high quality enzymes means a greater ability to build muscle.
  • Whey protein is the most revered protein used in supplementation.
  • Two versions of whey protein exist in Build—isolate and concentrated—allowing increased protein and less fats and carbohydrates.

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