More than skin deep

Did you know it’s possible to condition your skin while also protecting it from the environment? Because New Earth’s Nutrabeautiful lotion is comprised of natural antioxidants, you’re not just smoothing rough, dry skin when you use it—you’re also doing your part to stimulate its immune system (so to speak). Comprised of high levels of beta glucan, Wild Microalgae, organic aloe vera and a wealth of other rich oils and extracts, using Nutrabeautiful regularly helps your skin retain its elasticity and vitality. You may never have need for another lotion.

Fast facts:

  • Aloe vera helps heal minor wounds eight days faster than standard dressing.
  • Coconut oil and jojoba oil (included) each serve as rich moisturizers.
  • Lemon peel oil extracted from the lemon rind helps deodorize and energize.
  • Recent studies show willow bark can help make skin appear healthier.

Isn’t it time you did your skin a favor?

Work it out

It’s not always easy to get to the gym. Sometimes it’s even hard to get started once you actually arrive there. New Earth has a solution with its Drive product. It’s designed to be taken prior to working out, helping provide the energy you’re after both before and during your exercise session. Because it’s actually a whole food energy source—including a unique blend of Wild Microalgae, wheatgrass juice, cordyceps mushrooms, bee pollen, turmeric noni and green tea—its powerful formula allows you to reach toward and beyond all your fitness goals. Drive gives you just the right push you’re after.

Fast facts:

  • Research shows cordyceps helps enhance resistance to fatigue.
  • Herbalists tout bee pollen as an exceptionally nutritious food.
  • It’s widely believed noni juice heals naturally while boosting energy levels.
  • Wheatgrass has twice the amount of Vitamin A as carrots and is higher in Vitamin C than oranges.

Don’t just arrive…go further.