Wisdom of the ancients

When we talk nutrition, we usually discuss how certain foods might affect our overall appearance. Ever consider how proper supplementation might improve your memory? New Earth’s Focus combines a unique blend of age-old ingredients that work to combat modern-day ailments. By using a formula of bee pollen, noni, wheatgrass juice, turmeric, eleuthero root, and gingko biloba, it leans on the wisdom of the ancients to provide things like sharpened mental clarity and improved reaction time. This means gradual improvements when it comes to overall memory, circulation, even an improved nervous system. Think of it as the best kind of brain food you could ask for, with plenty of extras thrown in for good measure.

Fast facts:

  • Use of bee pollen increased in the late 1970s when athletes said it increased and improved their stamina and athletic ability.
  • Turmeric’s antioxidants help protect your cells from free radical damage.
  • Eleuthero root serves to boost energy, sharpen mental concentration and improve strength.

Discover all your mind is really capable of.

Bend overbackwards

Proper exercise is an integral part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Equally as important? Taking care of your joints. Anyone who’s ever suffered a related injury will be quick to say the same. New Earth’s Flex allows for joints that are not just flexible, but healthy and strong as well. It takes the road less traveled approach—the increasingly natural one—by including vegetable-based glucosamine and organic microalgae. By adding Flex to your daily regimen, you’re pointed towards achieving a greater range of motion. You’re choosing long-term joint health.

Fast facts:

  • Glucosamine allows for joint support from a vegetable source.
  • Studies suggest chondroitin may help treat joint-related problems.
  • UC-II® undenatured collagen has been determined GRAS (short for “generally recognized as safe”) for use in foods and beverages.

Stretch beyond all you thought possible.