From Klamath Lake To Your Front Door

Aphanizomenon flos-aquae. AFA. Organic Wild Microalgae®. No matter what you prefer to call it, there is no denying the amazing health benefits this rare form of blue-green algae has. Do you know what else is amazing? That this near-perfect superfood can only be found in one place in the world – Klamath Lake in beautiful Southern Oregon. 

Here at New Earth, we know how amazing and delicate this unique strain of algae is. That is why in 1983 we made it our business to harvest it and share it with the world. Since then, our engineering team has worked diligently to create an efficient and eco-friendly harvesting process that ensures we are retaining as much of the algae’s nutritional value as possible, and they have nearly perfected it. 

Every year, as the height of summer approaches and the algae starts to bloom, our team of harvesters and engineers set out on the lake to begin gathering as much organic Wild Microalgae as possible. With this year’s harvest season expected to start any day now, we wanted to celebrate by sharing a few algae harvesting facts with you. 

  • Originally, we began harvesting AFA from a major canal south of Klamath Falls, but today we can harvest directly from Klamath Lake. 
  • Our engineers built one-of-a-kind harvesting boats that easily move through the water to collect AFA. 
  • Our harvesting fleet consists of three boats: McClaughlin, Shasta, and Mazama.
  • After being collected from the water, the algae is dewatered and then chilled to 34 degrees Fahrenheit in approximately 30 seconds. 
  • All the harvested algae is dried using a process called Bioactive DehydrationSTM which dries the algae at temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius.
  • The AFA used in New Earth supplements is considered a “raw food” because the Bioactive Dehydration process dries the algae at such low temperatures. 
  • All the algae we harvest goes through two rounds of quality control (one at the harvesting site and one during production) to help ensure that our supplements only contain the highest-quality AFA out there. 

Isn’t it amazing? Our harvesting process is truly unique, and we are constantly striving to improve it. We take pride in the fact that we can harvest this amazing superfood and deliver it from Klamath Lake straight to your front door.